Dodd Holsapple


Born in 1967, Indiana, USA. Dodd Holsapple studied Visual arts courses at Ball State
University receiving BFA’s in Drawing and Painting. Holsapple relocated to Los Angeles,
California where he created the inventive and widely popular living sculpture works entitled the
View Planter Series. These works were extensively published and exhibited. From Holsapple’s
studio space in Santa Monica, California he currently produces contemporary visual artwork in
Sculpture, Drawing and Painting.
In 2000 and 2003 he was elected to the Los Angeles California Public Artists’ Pool. Also during
these years his View Planter series was exhibited in the Venice Art Walk and the 2002 Winter
Group Exhibition at Boritzer Grey Gallery at Bergmont Station in Santa Monica.
Of broader note, Holsapple was interviewed for a televised documentary about new
contemporary sculpture and architecture for E! television in 2001. In 2003 he was selected to
create a public art installation for Earthworks Now at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree,
California. The following year 2004 he won a city commission and created Drain Strain, a public
art installation for the City of Manhattan Beach, California. In 2005 his painting of a lily was
selected for the Easter Seals lily stamp art competition. In 2006 he created Thicket, a temporary
sculpture installation at Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga, California and in 2010 he
produced a landmark installation at Chaffey College for Earthday 2010 entitled Mud DNA. More
recently, Holsapple was commissioned for an installation work for the City of Fontana, California
entitled Mud Fish Mandala along with a solo exhibition in their Artist Showcase program.
The Paradise Again Series was exhibit at Gallery GOHA in Oahu, Hawaii in 2010 while also
exhibiting the Primitive Series artwork in the Origins show at Arizona State University. Venues
for exhibit in 2011 were Santa Clarita City Hall and Santa Ana’s “Thinking Outside The Box” at
Raven Gallery. 2012, River by Twelve was exhibited in Santa Clarita’s gallery space in January
entitled Found followed by a radio interview, Inside Out in Pittsfield, MA in March as well as
venues internationally.
Mr. Holsapple was also featured by Everyday Leaders podcast. Late 2020 showcased a live
painting event at Budman Studio, in the WNDW, Venice California documented in print and
video. June 2022 the Flora Exotic series will be exhibiting for the first time in a solo exhibition at
Galleria Valerie in Northern California.