Yuliya Yasenetska


Yuliya Yasenetska, who recently moved to California from New York City, was born and raised in
Lviv, Ukraine.
Yuliya focuses on how her artwork looks and feels, not on ingraining hidden meanings into the
art. When children look at the artwork - they don’t question ideas, or start debating on
philosophical topics. All they see is colors, shapes, and their own view of the image; blended
with their own naive vivid imaginations. She hopes to capture that carefree imagination in her
paintings without enforcing any predefined connotations.
In this highly connected modern world, we are constantly and disproportionately exposed to
negative emotions. Social media/news thrive and grow of those same negative emotions. This
only adds to our life's frustrations such as from work, relationships, and other struggles. Through
the light and colorful depictions of her artwork, she tries to awaken forgotten joy. Memories of
joys similar to what we've all felt as children, like when an ice cream truck tune came playing
down the street. Painting was the one thing that always remained full of positive emotions for
Yuliya and helped her overcome life's pains, struggles, and personal depression. She hopes
that her art can do the same for others who may need a little piece of something pure, positive
and uplifting in their lives.