Virtual Art FAIR: A Designer's Picks of New Artists and Galleries to Support

From Born On Bowery:

Today marks the beginning of FAIR, a new online art fair, organized by New Art Dealers Association, NADA, and a brand new approach to viewing and experiencing art. Read all about this initiative here, but in the meantime, have a look at my favorite art works. Most of these artists are new to me, and I’m happy that I had a chance to immerse myself in new art today.

From left: Naotaka Hiro, Untitled (Set) 2020 (Misako & Rosen); Tomory Dodge, Head 2020 (Philip Martin Gallery); Naotaka Hiro, Jack 2019 (Brennan and Griffin)

From left: Ben Edmunds, The Race Against Time, 2019 (Tatjana Pieters); Akira Ikezoe, Coconut Heads-How to Make Good Coffee 2017 (Proyectos Ultravioleta); Tracy Thomason, At Work 2019 (Marinaro Gallery)

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