Our Artists


Joie McClements


Artist’s Statement 
My art is ultimately about finding joy. During our lives, we often encounter obstacles and
hardships that can take away our hope and shift our focus. My life is no exception. As
I’ve worked through my own struggles, my work has increasingly become a celebration
of the joy I have found.
Recently, I have been focusing on flowers which are such amazing creations, yet only
last a few days. I see them as a metaphor for life. When someone sees my work, I want
them to not only experience joy, but also feel encouraged to seize the moments of joy
that are all around them.


Valerie Quade

Stained Glass Artist

Valerie Quade, born in Oakland, California, grew up in Raleigh North Carolina. At age 22, she returned to California, to Los Angeles to pursue acting. During this period she earned an Associate of Arts degree from Santa Monica College. In addition, she earned a BA degree in Journalism from California State University Northridge(CSUN). During college, Valerie studied photography, filmmaking, and ceramics. Meanwhile, Valerie fell into real estate sales to supplement her living, a talent she had yet to explore.