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Gina Covello


Los Angeles artist Gina C has been creating and painting since early childhood. Self-taught, she blends the colors from her dreams with life experience and emotion to transform the “paintings inside her head” into vivid outer expression. Painting primarily with acrylics on canvas, she also works in mixed mediums including oils, pastels, charcoal and spray paint.


Andrew Petrov

Oil Painter

After a number of years experimenting with painting only with his hands, Andrew picked up brushes again to return to pure painting. Experiments, he thought, are vital to the growth of an artist, but nothing replaces the joy experienced by cutting loose with a brush in hand and subject in view.


Ed Whitmore


A first generation American, both of Ed’s parents were born in Poland and survived the complete destruction of their way of life and the violent extermination of relatives and family members.


Valerie Quade

Stained Glass Artist

In 2018, Valerie began attending stained glass classes at The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley as an outlet to her busy real estate business. She quickly fell in love with the process and began making glass art. Valerie welcomes you to her gallery by sharing the beauty of stained glass and other art forms. Come visit and watch her own works evolve.


Sophia Frame


Sophia Frame is an upcoming artist born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Sophia has been drawn to art since she was just a toddler, and from that young age she scribbled and drew on just about any surface she could find. Filling up sketchbook after...

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