Taryn Curiel


“ Painting is an incredible adventure that starts with an idea and a simple line,”

Taryn’s passion for art has been a part of her since early childhood and has
culminated in a body of work filled with sensation and enigmatic energy.
The artist creates her signature use of the figure with abstract elements
through techniques involving lines, texture, and a muted color palette. She
continually challenges herself to experiment and explore, yet she remains
true to her overall mission: to intrigue the viewer.
Taryn creates a contradiction between her colorful personality and the grave
profundity of her paintings. Each piece connects with the viewer by telling
an emotional personal narrative that arises from the depths of the universal
human experience.
Artist Statement
I liked challenges so after years of exploring and studying different
mediums, I fell in love with the unpredictability of watercolor and it became
my medium of choice. I tried new surfaces and ways to apply the paint. I
want to rediscover watercolor and show the viewer what it can do.
The more I freely painted, the more I discovered who I was as a painter. It
became clear that I had a passion for lines, geometric shapes, and organic
textures. My geometric lines denote structure. Soft organic textures and
muted color serve as a balance to the lines, therefore stories emerge inviting
the viewer for a closer look.
As a subject, I have always loved the human figure, every curve or every
wrinkle is part of the person’s story. I like to imagine their lives. I use those
imaginary stories to get ideas for my paintings. In my current work, I use the
human figure as part of my primary subject matter, but I don’t want it to be
very obvious, I want the viewer to understand the story on their own terms,
so I add geometric elements, especially rectangles, to represent windows
peeking through the human figure’s story. The audience can see through the
window looking in or from the inside looking out. Each piece communicates
an emotional personal narrative that I hope to intrigue the viewer.